The winners have been announced!

The Paulding Education Foundation is excited to announce the 100 winners of the Quick Cash for Classroom Grant! After reviewing more than 300 applications, the reviewers picked the winners listed below. Checks should be arriving at the schools over the next few days so that winners can purchase the items listed in the grant applications.

The Foundation is preparing the applications now for our annual classroom grant that will be going out in early fall. Each of these grants will be worth $3,000 for a total of $21,000!

If you are not a member of the Paulding Education Foundation and would like to join, please visit our contribute page.

Name of Member What school do you teach at? What Grade and or Subject do you teach?
Kim Tarrant Abney K-5 MO/SID
Heidi Woloszczak Abney Elementary Music k-5
Cory Bell Abney Elementary Kindergarten
Amy Lester Allgood Elementary creative and collaborative play using strategically chosen toys and games
Clifton Young Allgood Elementary nonverbal coreboard manipulatives
Jennifer Chapman Allgood Elementary 2nd
Iiadonnasanova Owens-Williamson Baggett Elementary k-5
Patricia McDill Baggett Elementary Kindergarten (all)
Catherine Bigler Baggett Elementary School 3rd grade
Kaylin Goggins Burnt Hickory Elementary Venture-Gifted Education
April Lyda Burnt Hickory Elementary Venture (gifted resource class–grades 1-5)
Joanne Langdon Burnt Hickory Elementary School Autism K-2
Nadine Labossiere C. A. Roberts Elementary 2nd Grade/General Education Curriculum (Inclusion)
Amanda Garrett C. A.Roberts STEM k-5
Kristen Zelinski C.A.Roberts Elementary Art
Deb Leptrone Dallas Elementary Music, k-5
Jill Morrow Dallas Elementary 3rd-5th SEL-S
Carrie Compton Dallas Elementary Kindergarten
Elizabeth Dilts Dugan Elementary Art
Allyson Deskins Dugan Elementary School Kindergarten
Brandi Gore Hal Hutchens Elementary Title 1- Math and Reading
Crystal Dankert Hal Hutchens Elementary Carolina Biologicals
Almeisha Phillips HAL HUTCHENS elementary 3RD GRADE
Tiffany Lockridge Hutchens Elementary School STEM (K-5)
Amanda Kirk Hiram Elementary ESOL
Nikki Stewart Hiram Elementary 2nd
Kimberley Vickrey Hiram Elementary 4th Grade and all subjects
Mandy Yarmoluk Hiram Elementary School First Grade
Kathy Blake McGarity 2nd grade
Stephanie Degenaar McGarity Elem K-5
Mandy Starmer McGarity Elementary Podcasting equipment and resources
Josh Bearden McGarity Elementary Fourth Grade
Emily Willingham McGarity Elementary School K-5 Music
Chloe Brinkley Nebo Kindergarten
Julie Echols Nebo Elementary 5th grade
Michelle Jabat Nebo Elementary School 3rd – All subjects
LeAnn Graham Nebo Elementary School STEM K-5
Laura Cousins New Georgia EIP K-5
Tracy Curtis New Georgia Elementary 1st grade
Keri Sanders New Georgia Elementary 5th Grade
Jennifer Abdich New Georgia Elementary 2nd
Jennifer Lineberry Northside STEAM Makedo Kits
Morgan Gordon Northside Elementary School Kindergarten General Subjects
Shanna Pavlak Panter Elementary K-5 media
Karen Emerine Panter Elementary Music K-5
Ana Hogan Panter Elementary School 3rd grade all subjects
Hannah Atcheson Poole Elementary and Dallas Elementary STEM
Jennifer Studdard Lillian C. Poole Elementary K-5th, Gifted and Talented
Debra Duncan Ragsdale EIP – k-5
Carrie Sowerby Ragsdale K
Josie Thrasher Ragsdale Elementary School 4th and Math, Science, and Social Studies
Sydney West Roberts IRR
Whitney Reynolds Roberts 5th Reading and Writing
Cheryl Walburn Roberts Elementary Music
Kelly Londraville Russom Elementary First Grade
Julie McGuire Russom Elementary Makerspace K-5
Hayley Allen Biddle, I just got married so my new name is Biddle Russom Elementary School 3rd grade IRR
Kiaan Corley Shelton Elementary 4th
Kayla Powers Shelton Elementary Kindergarten
Jennifer Bryant Shelton Elementary School K-5
Andi Conner Union Elementary 5th Grade Reading & Social Studies
Kirkham, Jessica Union Elementary Gifted K-5
Katie Matthews Union Elementary Elementary Music
Chidera Nwaokafor East Paulding High School 9th grade Algebra
Joanna Hancock East Paulding High School ESEP 9-12
Beth Ali East Paulding High School 10th grade World Literature
Rebecca Mayfield East Paulding Middle School Grade 7 English Language Arts
Rebecca Shepard Hiram H.S. 9-12 French
Ann Marie Cowan Hiram High School 9th Environmental Science and 9th Honors Biology
Ouida Dunton New Hope Education Center 9-12 Chemistry, Physics, Basic Ag, Physical Science
Rachel Quirello North Paulding High School 9th grade – Biology
Julie Fuller North Paulding High School ESEP SID/PID
Jennifer Roberts Paulding College and Career Academ Mechatronics
Dean Petti Paulding County High School 9-10 Geometry
Larah Buffington Paulding County High School 9th Grade Literature and Composition
DJ McConnell South Paulding High School 9-12 Band
Savannah Parascando South Paulding High School American and British Literature
Sebrina Brown South Paulding High School Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
Rhnea Mahaney South Paulding High School 9-12 Health and Personal Fitness and Sports Medicine
Shayna Harris South Paulding High School Dramatic Writing for Film, Television, and Stage
Stephanie Estes Irma Austin 6th grade ELA
Stacy Cochran Austin Middle School NBI News Cast
Shelley Patrick Austin Middle School Chorus & Music 6-8
Kimberly Vinson Dobbins Middle School 8th Grade Georgia Studies
Deidre Paris JA Dobbins Middle School Engineering; 6, 7, and 8th
Niki McLeroy East Paulding Middle School chorus, music  6-8
Rebecca Clark East Paulding Middle School Sixth Grade Advanced Social Studies
Lindsay Head Herschel Jones Middle School 6-8 Engineering & Technology
Kelley Davidson Hershel Jones Middle School Reading Connections (6-8)
Caroline McCarver McClure Middle School 6,7,8
Cara Lord Micale Sammy McClure Middle School ESEP Interrelated and Small Group ELA
Donna Briggs Moses Middle School 6th Grade Social Studies
Thomas Whited Moses Middle School 8th Grade Science
Joy Knauff New Hope Education Center PVA Middle Middle Grades Science and Read 180
Robin Towler P.B. Ritch Middle School Novel Engineering
Mary Mitchelson P.B. Ritch Middle School 7th grade ELA
Brad Keen Scoggins Math
Natalie White Scoggins Middle School 6th, 7th, and 8th (Connections)
Heather Mitchell Scoggins Middle School 6th grade IRR Math
Ami Walls South Paulding Middle School Stem books
April Leachman South Paulding Middle School Stem Garden