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The Paulding Education Foundation is excited to announce the 100 winners of the Quick Cash for Classroom Grant! After reviewing more than 450 applications, the reviewers picked the winners listed below. Checks should be arriving at the schools over the next few days so that winners can purchase the items listed in the grant applications. “We know our teachers could use more money to impact students and we are thrilled to help a little at the beginning of the year,” said Executive Director Jim McMichen. The Foundation is preparing the applications now for our annual classroom grant that will be going out in September. Each of these grants will be worth $3,000 for a total of $24,000! If you are not a member of the Paulding Education Foundation and would like to join, please visit our contribute page.


Name of Member School Grade and or Subject
Aileen Connelly Russom Elementary Third grade
Aimee Matthews Abney Venture
Alisha Collins Burnt Hickory Elementary 5th grade
Amy Beasley Baggett Elementary IRR
Ana Hogan Panter Elementary School 3rd grade
Andrea DeRamus Nebo Elementary School 1st grade
Angelia Mcleroy East Paulding Middle School Chorus & Music Apprec 6-8
Angie Lutzow Russom Elementary 1st Grade
Anthony Thomason Scoggins Middle 8th ELA
Ashley Harrison Burnt Hickory Elementary 1st Grade
Ashley Rusterucci Burnt Hickory Elementary 5th grade
Bailey Farnell Ragsdale Elementary Kindergarten
Becky Hornbuckle Panter Elem EBD Elementary
Becky Smith Northside 5th grade ELA
Brandi Gore Hutchens Elementary EIP
Brian Cramer South Paulding High School 10th and 12th.
Brooke Rakestraw Northside 3rd grade
Brooke Samples New Georgia 2nd Grade
Cara Lord Micale McClure Middle School Special Education/8th
Carla Fish East Paulding High School 9-12 grade
Carrie Compton Dallas Elementary Kindergarten
Cate Lindsey Roberts Elementary 3rd Grade
Catherine Bigler Baggett Elementary School 3rd grade
Christy Brown Dugan Elementary Special Education K-2
Christy McCleskey Allgood Elementary Kindergarten
Cindy Crawford Ragsdale Elementary media skills
Courtney Bell Wolfe Ragsdale Elementary Fourth grade
Dawn Rickeard Dallas Elementary 2nd grade
De’Nean Breed Crumpton P B Ritch MS Engineering
Donna Dougherty Herschel Jones Middle 6th Math
Donna Rogers Roberts ES 4th grade
Dottie Jones Moses Middle School 6-8 ESEP
Dr. Ryan M. Sweeney North Paulding High School 9th/10th
Gaylynn Mills Union Elementary 2nd
Genese Jean Baggett Elementary 1st
Glenn Roark Dobbins Middle School 7th Grade
Haley Abbey North Paulding High School 9th grade
Haley Schultz McClure 8th Grade
Hannah Atcheson Poole Elementary 5th grade
Jami Hegburg McGarity Elementary Kindergarten
Jamie Griffith Union Elementary 3rd grade
Jamie Rhodes South Paulding Middle School Art 6-8
Jane Watkins North Paulding High School 12th Grade Statistics/Math
Jeff Cole Abney 4th grade
Jennifer Grazer Hiram High School Drama 9-12 grade
Jennifer Lineberry Northside K – 5 Venture
Jennifer Studdard Poole Elementary Venture – K-5th
Jerah Newbill McClure Middle School 7th grade
Jessica Thomas East Paulding Middle School 6-8 Band
Joanna Hancock East Paulding High School ESEP MOID 9-12
Joseph Fouts East Paulding High School 9-12 Audio, Video, Technology
Joy Knauff Paulding Virtual Academy (Middle) 6th and 7th Grade
Julie Cooper Russom ES K-5 Special Education
Karlee Manous East Paulding Middle School 6-8 grade
Kathryn Osterhout Airman New Hope Education Center Pre-School
Kayla Powers Shelton Elementary Kindergarten
Kelley Nunn P B Ritch Middle School 6-8 grade MID
Keri Sanders New Georgia Elementary 5th grade
Kiana Corley Shelton Elementary 4th grade
Kimberly Bullion Roberts Elementary Special Education
Kristy Baumgart Austin Middle School 7th and 8th grade MIMO
Larra Loveless Paulding County High School 12th Grade
Laticha Kimble Hutchens Elementary 5th grade
Lauren Lords Austin Middle 7th grade
Leon Bowers Paulding College and Career Academy Cybersecurity
Lindsay Head Herschel Jones Middle 6-8 Engineering & Technology
Lisa Ross P.B. Ritch Middle School 8th grade
Liz Keith Hiram high school Self-contained MOID
Lynda Wiggins Dobbins Middle School 6th grade IRR
Mandy Starmer McGarity Elementary Venture
Marc Pedersen Paulding County High School 9-12 grade
Marianne Parker Hiram High School 9-12 grade – Engineering
Mary Ball South Paulding Middle School Technology and Engineering
May Langhorne Hiram ES Music
Megan Kimmel McGarity 2nd grade
Melissa Kelley Moses Middle School 8th Grade
Melissa Rios Abney K-5 Gifted Education
Melissa SMith Paulding Virtual Academy 7th and 8th Grade
Mende Feeley Allgood Elementary K-3 MID
Meredith Walker Moses Middle School 6th Grade
Michael Young Paulding County High School 9-12 grade
Pamela Mueller Union Elementary Kindergarten
Patricia Craver Shelton 3rd grade
Rachel Lackey Panter Elementary 4th Grade
Rachel Mealer-Brewer Russom Elementary 3rd Grade
Rebekah Tolbert Dugan K-2 Autism
Rosalyn Zabala Silva Dobbins Middle School 6 to 8 grade
Sarah Wetherington New Georgia Elementary STEM
Shanyce Smith Hutchens Elementary SID/PID Special Education
Shayna Harris South Paulding High School 9th-12th-Dramatic Writing
Shinika Watkins Nebo Elementary 2nd grade
Julie Echols Nebo Elementary 5th grade
Stacey Klemzak McGarity 2nd and 5th grade Interrelated
Stephanie Leckie Hiram Elementary 4th Grade
Tanga Ford Hiram Elementary School K-5 grade
Tanya Flynn South Paulding High 9-12 grade
Tanya Thorpe Allgood Elementary 1st Grade
Taylor Smith Scoggins Middle School 7th Grade
Terri Koch Dallas Elementary Special education
Zandre Jean Herschel Jones Middle School 6th Grade